Culture / Mission / Values

Cosmos Wisdom is located in Hangzhou (Zhejiang Province, China), known as "a paradise city on earth".  The company is an innovative biotech company, founded by Guangyu Group and currently holding long-term strategic partnership with MD Anderson cancer center of the Unites States.


The company logo adopts a red and black color scheme, which is concise and powerful. The three circles represent for mission, vision and value while triangle of three circles represents stability and development, perfectly reflecting the spirit and professional attitude of the company.



Cosmos Wisdom is committed to long-term investment in medical science that will yield new knowledge, promote scientific progress and increase core competencies by developing advanced technologies in tumor diagnosis and treatments. In addition, the company is focused on transforming advanced technology toward clinical applications and prodocuts on Chinese market.

The company strives to build a life and health platform by introducing advanced technology, attracting high-quality scientific research projects, and building its core competencies. It is committed to building a world-class biotechnology enterprise with outstanding research and development capabilities, and contributing significantly to the development of human health.

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